Does “Gay Marriage” Matter: Of Course It Does!

In follow up to the Cowboy Papist post, “The Faux Civil Rights of ‘Gay Marriage“, we read this evening at an article by Brad Birzer where he makes an agreeable statement about Catholic teaching on marriage:

“From the perspective of Catholic teaching as well as the Natural Law, marriage serves to promote and protect the most fundamental social unit of a society; in Catholic social teaching, the family precedes even the state or community.  Marriage, ultimately, serves the purpose of procreation.  Clearly, not matter what one’s personal views on homosexuality, a homosexual union simply cannot further the ultimate purpose of marriage.”

He then seems to honestly wonder: “Why does it matter?”

Kind of an odd, relativistic question, but perhaps fair.  But foolish enough to make one want to yell to the heavens at the absurdity of asking such a question.  Other far more learned and informed educators have answered this solicitation for help, which Cowboy Papist asks you to kick around.

Monsignor Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington directs us to consider:

“. . . the overall and devastating effects of the sexual revolution, and the sexual liberationist movement in general . . . traditional marriage does matter, and that its demise is not only lamentable, but devastating for the future of Western culture as we have known it.”

Robert George, a Professor at Princeton, believes it matters, as he shared with Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review:

Well, people should care because the whole edifice of sexual-liberationist ideology is built on damaging and dehumanizing falsehoods.  It has already done enormous harm — harm that falls on everybody, but disproportionately on those in the poorest and most vulnerable sectors of our society.  If you doubt that, have a look at Myron Magnet’s great book The Dream and the Nightmare: The Sixties’ Legacy to the Underclass, or some of the writings of Kay Hymowitz and other serious people who have examined the social consequences for the poor of the embrace of sexual liberalism by celebrities and other cultural elites. 

Marriage is a profound human and social good; its weakening and loss is a tragedy from which affluent people can be distracted (and protected) by their affluence for only so long.  The institution of marriage has already been deeply wounded by divorce at nearly plague levels, widespread non-marital sexual cohabitation, and other damaging factors.  To redefine it out of existence in law is to make it much more difficult to restore a sound understanding of marriage on which a healthy marriage culture can be rebuilt for the good of all.  It is to sacrifice the needs of the poor, who are hurt the most when a sound public understanding of marriage and sexual morality collapses. It is to give up on the truth that children need both a father and mother, and benefit from the security of their love for each other.

Does it matter?  Of course it does!  Can anyone doubt that societal destruction continues unabated; the consequence of true selfish narcissism.  Monsignor Pope sees it daily in his work in poorer neighborhoods today.  To redefine marriage, he warns, will lead to further unintended development and distortion:

The polygamists are next (just google polygamy and see that the steam is building).  After them come the incest crowd and other odd combinations.  And there will be little legal basis to resist them. And in a secular culture that has lost any basis to morally reason, or determine right from wrong, who among the secularists will be able to say “nay?” Yes, in the end, if anything is marriage, nothing is marriage. Marriage, as a culturally recognizable institution seems doomed, it is being legally defined out of existence.”

Jeffrey Jacob at the Boston Globe adds this bit of reasoned judgement:

“Same-sex marriage, too, interferes with the core elements of wedlock in order to advance an unrelated goal — the dignity and equality of gays and lesbians.  The fact that many decent people ardently embrace that goal doesn’t change reality: The essential, public purpose of marriage is to unite male and female — to bind men and women to each other and to the children that their sexual behavior may produce.  It is rooted in the belief that every child needs a mother and a father. Gay marriage, whether enacted by lawmakers or imposed by judges, disconnects marriage from its most basic idea.  Ultimately, that isn’t tenable either. . . Marriage — male-female marriage — is indispensable to human welfare.  That is why it has existed in virtually every known human society.  And why it cannot be permanently redefined.

Of course, the slandering wags and politicos who abase our Catholic teachings are trumpeting their correctness, but they will eventually be gone and forgotten.  Marriage is not just a source for normalization of immoral sexual behavior; it is a large, complex issue whose value has been long forgotten and must be regained.

Only the Church will forever be the source for correcting these wasteful secular tangents, and laity and clergy will need pray, to educate,  and lead our secular brothers away from this road to perdition.

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