‘Gay Marriage:’ Resulting from Deliberate Inaction

Expanding the the ‘gay marriage’ topic that has jumped to the forefront of the Catholic blogosphere recently, (Cowboy Papist included!), Joe Carter at First Things has a very relevant and thoughtful article on “How to Destroy a Culture in 5 Easy Steps.” It is his closing commentary on inactivity that speak loudly, providing food for thought for all Christians:

“Almost every culturally corrosive policy—from abortion to no-fault divorce to gay marriage—has come about in America this way: Christians who find such issues “unacceptable” tacitly accept this social-libertarian shift by their refusal to take action.

“Taking action is perhaps the wrong word, though, since what is most often necessary is deliberate inaction.  For example, if every Christian in America who claimed to be pro-life would simply refuse to vote for any candidate—regardless of party—who supports abortion, the abortion laws would change within two election cycles.  Similarly, if every Christian in America who claimed to be pro-marriage had refused to support no-fault divorce, there would be less poverty and fewer broken families in our country today.  And if every Christian in New York had made it clear that he would hold his representatives accountable for attempting to redefine marriage, then the recent expansion of homosexual-rights legislation would have never come to a vote.

“Sadly, such inaction has never happened and is unlikely to occur in the near future.  America has produced an overwhelming number of Christians who are adept at explaining why they can support issues that are antithetical to Christianity and depressingly few who can give reasons why we should adhere to the teachings of scripture and the wisdom of the church.

“History has shown that dedicated Christians can close the Overton window and reverse the shift from “policy” to “unthinkable.”  But it requires a people who have courage and conviction and a willingness to be despised for the truth.  Do current generations have such virtues?  Probably not.  But I’m holding out hope that our grandkids will be born that way.”

As Cowboy Papist has written before, perhaps the next generation will correct this selfish materialistic destruction of our society and selves.  The younger generation shows such potential, see Live Action, and hope springs eternal!

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