The Dangers of Homosexuality

In an article written on, John Henry Weston writes about the need for our bishops to love us enough to actively and vociferously warn of the physical and spiritual dangers of homosexuality.   He summarizes with a remarkably pertinent quote from Pope Benedict given one day before the death of beloved John Paul II:

“In an address given only 18 days prior to his election to the pontificate, and one day prior to the death of Pope John Paul II, then Cardinal Josef Ratzinger said: “Very soon it will not be possible to state that homosexuality, as the Catholic Church teaches, is an objective disorder in the structuring of human existence.

“Yes, the time may be coming shortly when we are forbidden to state the basic truths of the Church.  Will we then have the courage to proclaim Christ’s truth with the possibility of losing our freedom, or perhaps even shedding our blood?  If we choose silence now because of cultural pressures, the loss of human respect and political calculations, how can we imagine that when the penalties are increased to include imprisonment, and possibly even torment and death, we will dare to speak the truth of Christ?”

More importantly, Mr. Weston writes of the Canadian experiment with ‘gay marriage’ and how poorly the Canadian episcopate responded to it:

“Back in 2003 and 2004 Canada went through these same debates.  The methods used by homosexual activists in Canada were actually exported to the United States (first to Massachusetts) and have been similarly successful.  However, I cringe to see that the same unsuccessful approach to combating this agenda taken by religious leaders in Canada is being taken by U.S. leaders, with similar results.”

The battle against ‘gay marriage’ is all about the “societal approval for homosexual acts.”  While proof seems difficult, it is interesting to hear that:

“Homosexual activists argue the need for ‘marriage,’ but most have no interest in the constraints that such a formalized union would entail in terms of exclusive partnership.  However, the leaders among the activists have convinced the movement that they must attain marriage as a societal stamp of approval to homosexual behavior

“For practicing homosexuals, as with all those engaged in aberrant sexual behavior, the conscience speaks uncomfortably.  Many activists in the sexual sphere seek societal approval, since they falsely believe that it will quell the voice of the conscience.  They are not looking for mere tolerance, but outright approval and even to quash all dissent, with coercion if necessary.” (see this previous post)

As noted above by the Holy Father, there are the usual and expected outcomes that result from a ‘tolerant’ society, :

“In nations like my own, where speaking out against homosexuality has led to fines and penalties, there is also a growing movement advocating that pro-homosexual education be taught in schools and that parents be prevented from exempting their children from such classes.”

“The only way to truly win this debate is to raise the long-ignored subject of homosexuality itself: to teach the truth that homosexual acts are perilous to the body, and especially to the soul. To fail to do this would be to fail to address the heart of the matter. . . The core issue is the Church’s loving concern for those individuals who are putting their bodies and souls in danger with illicit and dangerous sexual practices, and society’s encouraging such behavior with the title of ‘marriage’.

“. . . The only answer that will move society away from the acceptance of homosexuality and thus same-sex ‘marriage’ is – caritas in veritate – or love in truth. And it is up to the Church to fearlessly preach this difficult, but beautiful message.

“. . . So too the Church, and especially Her shepherds – the fathers of souls – must feed the flock, must teach the truths however difficult and politically incorrect.  That is true love.  The Vatican has specifically warned against silence on the hard truths of homosexuality.”

Frankly, the preposterous nature of ‘gay marriage’ seems to be taking root like the religion of abortion; so the strength to stand up and speak publicly against it is a key and critical step to being corrected.  Our bishops must love us enough to take the necessary steps to defend us and defeat this outrageous cultural phenomenon.  Not to do so would be so disappointing.

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