Independence Day: Patriotism


Patriotism is a love for everything to do with our native land: its history, its traditions, its language, its natural features.  It is a love which extends also to the works of our compatriots and the fruits of their genius.  Every danger that threatens the overall good of our native land becomes an occasion to demonstration this love . . . The native land is the common good of all citizens and as such it imposes a serious duty . . . Every society’s formation takes place in and through the family: of this there can be no doubt.  Yet something similar could also be said about the nation.  The cultural and historical identity of any society is preserved and nourished by all that is contained within this concept of a nation.  Clearly, one thing must be avoided at all costs: the risk of allowing this essential function of the nation to lead to an unhealthy nationalism.  Of this, the twentieth century has supplied some all too eloquent examples, with disastrous consequences.  How can we be delivered from such a danger”  I thing the right way is through patriotism.  Whereas nationalism involves recognizing and pursuing the good of one’s own nation alone, without regard for the rights of others, patriotism, on the other hand, is a love for one’s native land that accords rights to all other nations equal to those claimed for one’s own. Patriotism, in other words, leads to a properly ordered social love.

Blessed John Paul II

With thanks to today’s Magnificat ‘Meditation of the Day, ‘ pg 73.

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