Mixed Emotions: Chaput moving to Philly

It is with mixed emotions and a bit of a heavy heart that our bishop is being re-assigned to Philadelphia.  His Excellency Charles Chaput has been our bishop now for 14 years, and we’ve had the good fortune to meet him.  His Requiem Mass and homily for Blessed Pope John Paul II at the Cathedral is one we’ll never forget.  We are forever grateful for his pastoral leadership and excellent teaching of the Magisterium.  The folks in the Philly archdiocese don’t yet know what a gifted pastor they’ve now got.  He will be a blessing to them, “Archbishop Charles Chaput Takes the Helm in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA — In a decision sure to have a far-reaching impact on the Church in America, Pope Benedict XVI has chosen Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput to be the next archbishop of Philadelphia.As the replacement for retiring Cardinal Justin Rigali, Archbishop Chaput will take over not only a major metropolitan area with a reputation for faithful Catholicism, but also an archdiocese that has been shaken to its foundation by the latest episode of sexual abuse in the Church.

Denver saw a boom in vocations, with Archbishop Chaput ordaining 71 priests between 1998 and 2011. He has led initiatives to address religious liberty, the interests of Native Americans, women and Hispanics in the Church, health care and pro-life issues. For the U.S. bishops’ conference, he has served on the Committees for Divine Worship, Migration, and Domestic Justice and Human Development, among others.

Hat tip to his Excellency, Archbishop Charles Chaput.


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