Scandalous Queering of Our Church

Following up on a post by Deacon Nick over at Protect the Pope (hat tip!), is this quote from Sandro Magister article titled, “The Inconvenient Memoirs of Cardinal Biffi” about the affairs of homosexuality in our world today.

The disgusting fact is that active homosexual behavior has run rampant, not only in the secular world, but within the Church as Deacon Nick wrote yesterday.  Our Church is indeed a mirror of the world.

The actions of the bishops of Miami, London and Rome, are remarkably unChristian and explicitly demonstrate how the loss of a moral compass, of putting one’s self at the top of life’s priorities, of not fearing God, can lose one’s soul to the emptiness of eternal damnation.  And as many Catholic pundits have written, the bishop’s hold responsibility for these situations.

Cardinal Biffi makes several relevant and accurate points as to how we arrived at this juncture:

“The attacks on freedom of thought start with language.  Those who do not resign themselves to accept “homophilia” the theoretical appreciation of homosexual relations are charged with “homophobia” etymologically, the “fear of homosexuality”.

“This must be very clear: those who are made strong by the inspired word and live in the “fear of God” are not afraid of anything, except perhaps the stupidity toward which, Bonhoeffer said, we are defenseless.  We are now even charged sometimes with the incredibly arbitrary accusation of “racism“: a word that, among other things, has nothing to do with this issue, and in any case is completely extraneous to our doctrine and our history.

“The essential problem that presents itself is this: is it still permitted in our days to be faithful and consistent disciples of the teaching of Christ which for millennia has inspired and enriched the whole of Western civilization, or must we prepare ourselves for a new form of persecution, promoted by homosexual activists, by their ideological accomplices, and even by those whose task it should be to defend the intellectual freedom of all, including Christians?”

In Miami, it was:

“. . . a widespread and longstanding pattern of homosexual conduct among Miami archdiocesan leaders, including former Archbishop John Favalora.  The Holy See forced Archbishop Favalora to resign last year.  Favalora, the reporters alleged, “ran his organization like the don of a lavender mob, rewarding his favorite homosexual sons and forgiving their many indiscretions — rampant sex, hedonism, embezzlement, alcoholism and the railroading of chaste priests among them — while punishing those with the temerity to complain.’ “

In Rome, priests are actively homosexual and have been observed so by Italian journalists and continue to be priests:

Catholic News Service reports (that) ‘In response the Diocese of Rome called for priests engaged in “unworthy” behavior to leave the priesthood and stop sullying the reputation of the vast majority of honorable ministers.  ‘Priests who are living “a double life,” the statement said, “have not understood what the Catholic priesthood is and should not have become priests” in the first place.  

“It said such priests should recognize that “no one is forcing them to be priests (as they are) just exploiting the benefits” of the priesthood.”  Consistency demands that they be discovered.  We do not wish them ill, but we cannot accept that because of their behavior the honorability of everyone else is dragged through the mud,” it said.”

In London, some well-known celebrity priest, Fr. Bernard Lynch, is openly and publicly homosexual, living with another gay man in a long-term relationship.  Deacon Nick writes that:

“Fr. Lynch took a prominent part in the Protest the Pope march against Pope Benedict’s visit to the UK, at which he again publicly declared his homosexuality, and challenged the Holy Father to change Church teaching.  Fr. Lynch is founder of the Search group for ‘gay clergy and male religious’.  

“Though Fr. Lynch has publicly declared himself a homosexual priest, now in front of thousands, and organizes a group for other gay clergy the Archdiocese of Westminster refuses to clarify his clerical status.  Allegedly, there is also  a monthly gathering of another group in London in a gay bar for sexually active Catholic priests.”

This poor leadership of the bishops in the USA, UK, and Italy has caused and will continue to cause great scandal to our Church.  The loss of respect for the Church is deserved, as Fr. Z. once wrote, (CP paraphrased), ‘the Church deserves every kick in the butt it has gotten and will continue to get.‘  Should clerical abuse be a surprise with this loss of moral consciousness?

With episcopal leaders like Archbishops Charles Chaput, Jose Gomez, Timothy Dolan, Thomas Wenski, and Thomas Olmsted, among many others, perhaps our American Church can be redeemed.  But they are working against a strong and committed adversarial backbiting antagonist who seems today to have the upper hand.

Catholics worldwide must communicate, regularly, via email and phone, Facebook, Twitter, and face to face with their bishops — this is not acceptable behavior.  And pray daily for our bishops and clergy, that those without a true vocation leave the Church, those fighting the Evil One will persevere, that the orthodox Magisterium of our Church be evangelically preached in homilies.  Prepare for future persecution for our Faith.  Our reward is eternal salvation; our battle to achieve it is in our hands and with trust in Jesus Christ and his Holy Mother, peace and love in heaven will be ours!

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