Can’t Look Up without Being Down

Hello All; it’s been awhile since we’ve posted here; but life just got in front of us here and we’ve had to take care of our business and our blog here experienced an unplanned vacation.  We’ll make an honest effort to post a worthy word or two quite a bit more often – with objective truth and fair honest opinion.

So it’s clear that this fall our country has experienced a time of tumult and insecurity — our family life, our Church life, and our country all have experienced upheaval.  Herself and I have made a permanent move to a Denver address, but we keep our equine family about 8 miles away at a stable.  Some good consulting work has come our way so we’re working to refill our personal coffers.  Our lovely daughter in law is now just days away from delivering her first baby / our first granddaughter.  Her husband, our son, is now on pins and needles, which is fun to see and experience.  Our younger son is a few weeks away from collecting his BA in Cinema Arts and will be home for Christmas and the birth of his niece.

Our Church also is experience some unexpected changes as our beloved Archbishop Chaput is now center stage in Philadelphia.  He’s taking on a significantly difficult job that will become more difficult in the future.  The assault on Christianity is increasing in tone and intolerance; as same-sex marriage and abortion supporters are becoming vocal through mass media support and a sense of panic.  We must admit it’s rather humorous to watch those yelling about the faux “crusade on homosexuals” and “war on women” by Christians.  But the chilling effect of our economy has sharpened the debate, putting everyone on edge.

But for now, with Advent beginning this Sunday and the birth of Granddaughter has made our world calm for now.  We will accept and enjoy while it lasts, and pray that clearer heads will prevail in our civil debates, and that Love, Faith, Charity and Hope surround us all this Christmas.

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