Black Friday: Never Again

From Fr. Longenecker at Standing on My Head:

“Has anybody else glimpsed the irony? Black Friday everybody gets up early and goes to pay homage to the great American idol– Mammon.  Yet we call it ‘Black Friday’.  Do we call it Black Friday because all the businesses go for a few days into the black rather than running on credit?  I dunno and don’t much care.  The irony is that people go running out to buy their gadgets and trinkets (and they go in great crowds) which they think will make them happy and it’s called Black Friday.

“Jump forward a few months and we remember the worst thing that ever happened–that mankind killed the Son of God who loved them–and we call this Friday ‘Good’.  The irony continues because in our society more and more people neglect Good Friday and worship on Black Friday.  In fact, the reason they neglect Good Friday is because they worshiped another god on Black Friday. You cannot serve both the Son of Man and Mammon.

“So welcome to the great Christian country America–where on Black Friday the Christians–like everybody else–spend hundreds of dollars for goodies while they give Jesus–Good Friday.”

Herself took the initiative and went out at midnight on Black Friday to investigate a new TV at a nearby Best Buy; she was shocked at the trash, vulgarity, and anger from most of those standing in line.  One women yelled to anyone who would listen that she “was armed” and no one was going to get to ‘her’ stuff.  Our lovely and pregnant daughter in law visited Walmart at about the same time and was pawed and pushed, then stuck in the crowds for a couple of hours.

Fortunately, our grand-baby wasn’t harmed.  Never again will our family take such risks.

Should business and profits supersede common sense?  Is saving a few dollars on more stuff worth the risk to body and soul?  We all must work to end this superficial religion called secularism once and for all.

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