Pelosi: Anti-Catholic Polical Hack

After quoting Madam Pelosi in the Washington Post, Donald McClarey of the American Catholic blog comments in ‘Lying Worthless Political Hack Hates Catholic Conscience;’

“Of course it is little surprise that the adamantly pro-abort Nancy Pelosi has little but ill-concealed contempt for the teaching of the Church on abortion that goes back to the era of the Apostles. What is surprising is that this anti-Catholic bigot, and others like her, are still able to present themselves for communion, receive the votes of many Catholics in this land, and the vast majority of the bishops in this country might as well be potted plants as far as this scandal of public dissent by elected Catholic officials going on for decades is concerned. When the Lying Worthless Political Hack finally departs this vale of tears, I wonder if she will get the same type of “canonization mass” that Ted Kennedy got with a cardinal in attendance? I wouldn’t be at all surprised.”

While our bishops really do have the most difficult jobs, one can’t hardly disagree with such a true comment.  It’s very unfortunate that our bishops seem to allow the public scandal created by these faux catholyc politicians to be their prominent public position.  Could it be their respect for the specific individual and each other’s ‘jurisdiction’ is in itself causing scandal?  It’s hard enough to be Catholic; sometimes public inaction by our bishops makes it even harder.

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