Winning the Culture War

Tom Crowe over at has a great post discussing Dr. Peter Kreeft and his advice on how to ‘How to Win the Culture War: A Christian Battle Plan for a Culture in Crisis.  This is a common subject from Dr. Kreeft who’s speeches on the culture wars is a favorite of many who enjoy honest, direct and pragmatic advice.  Here’s a video of his talk which he gave at Christ the King Chapel at Steubenville:

Mr. Crowe has done us a service by offering a summation and an acronym, PHONEYS, that helps us to identify those ideas that Screwtape and his peers in Hell will attempt to continuously feed Catholics in order to keep us from Christ and Salvation:

  1. Politicization of the faith so that secular politics becomes the end and faith the means;
  2. Incessant “Happy talk” that only serves to distract or delude us from the true destruction of society around us;
  3. Organizationalism,” by which the Church is seen as a business or organization first and a distant second (if at all) as a community, family, mystical body;
  4. Neo-worship,” or worship of things new at the expense of the old, in particular the rejection of things “pre-Vatican II”;
  5. Egalitarianism,” manifested most especially in modern feminism, with the awesome quip, “calling those people ‘feminists’ is like calling cannibals ‘chefs.’”;
  6. Yuppydom,” which is essentially selling out to the fads of the times rather than holding God as God;
  7. Spirituality,” in which Christians seek salvation, or at least affirmation, while recoiling at the thought of suffering—they want Christ without the cross.

One great result that our bishops have just instituted, our new Missal translations, have resulted in a focus on liturgy and words which we believe will help combat several of these ideas.  Emphasizing that our fads and political correctness can’t hold a candle to God and that a return to updated Latin translations brings us closer to Christ.

Enjoy Dr. Kreeft!

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