Late Again!!

So, here it is February, and this here Cowboy Papist ain’t wrote much again! What’s the deal!

Fact is, December was crazy with job interviewing that encompassed cross-country travel,  new granddaughter showing up a bit later than her due date, film-maker son crashing on his way home for the holidays which resulted in time, energy and money to get him a new ride, new phone, etc., etc.  Then there was the holidays!  So, the Missus and Cowboy Papist were a bit busy.  Fortunately, the new year started with everyone healthy, happy, and on track for making progress.

The new job is excellent to date, but travel has been difficult with numerous trips and conferences that have taken up much time.  But the new employer and my new peers are wonderful folks with a real concern for helping a few higher educators offer a fully complete program to adult learners who otherwise might have to spend far too much money for their education, or else blow it off!  So we’re excited to get going and help the post secondary customers take advantages of exciting new ways of learning!

And that, by way of a poor excuse, is why Cowboy Papist is late again with the regular postings.  Wrote up a post late last night on an iPad2, only to have the draft get messed up for some reason due to our inexperience with the Apple iOS.  Sorry if anyone caught that mess; we’ve learned our lesson!

So, needless to say, our Catholic ways seem to be under even greater threat than the last time there was a post from Cowboy Papist!  The POTUS and his administration have finally admitted to us in a very explicit way that they want to replace all religion in America with their ‘religion’ – the ‘Government Run by Democrats Knows What’s Best for You’ religion.  Or, we guess, secularism!  Yea, right!

Can’t you just hear those knuckleheads in the White House, . . .

“We don’t need no stinkin’ Catholic Church – what does it know?  Aren’t those doctrines and dogmas designed to be changed in order to be popular?  Don’t the latest polls tell us Catholics need to be told their bishops don’t know nuthin’!  Now they got no choice but to change cause we passed a law!  They’ll stop talking down about abortion and birth-control and embrace our new religion!”

So, pull your belts in an extra notch – we’re going for a ride!  These events were in His plan all along, for as K-Lo (Ms. Kathryn Lopez, a favorite!), referred today in a quote from the late Fr. John Hardon, “The essence of love is to suffer willingly for the one you claim to love.  God became man to suffer with a human will.”

Ain’t that the truth!  No one said being a follower of Christ was going to be easy, and to suffer for His Church willingly is the essence of our love for His Church.  It’s time to face these ‘politicians’ who, no matter their party, wish to replace our Church with their secular flavor of the day.  The definition of politics may be compromise, but tolerance and compromise isn’t a virtue, as our favorite Archbishop of Philadelphia has said!

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