Religious Freedom: Nothing More – Nothing Less

As many have noted already, this HHS mandate is nothing more than the Obama administration believing they represent the truth and the Church must conform to its “accommodation.”.  Our former bishop here in Denver, Archbishop Charles Chaput OFM Cap., summed it up best in a Feb. 12 Philadelphia Inquirer columnn when he called the mandate ‘insulting.’  Here’s his wrap up which is worth considering:

“In reality, no similarly aggressive attack on religious freedom in our country has occurred in recent memory.  The current administration prides itself on being measured and deliberate. The current HHS mandate needs to be understood as exactly that.  Commentators are using words like “gaffe,” “ill conceived,” and “mistake” to describe the mandate.  They’re wrong.  It’s impossible to see this regulation as some happenstance policy.  It has been too long in the making.

“Despite all of its public apprehension about “culture warriors” on the political right in the past, the current administration has created an HHS mandate that is the embodiment of culture war.  At its heart is a seemingly deep distrust of the formative role religious faith has on personal and social conduct, and a deep distaste for religion’s moral influence on public affairs.  To say that this view is contrary to the Founders’ thinking and the record of American history would be an understatement.

“Critics may characterize my words here as partisan or political.  These are my personal views, and of course people are free to disagree.  But it is this administration — not Catholic ministries or institutions or bishops — that chose the timing and nature of the fight.  The onus is entirely on the White House, which also has the power to remove the issue from public conflict.  Catholics should not be misled into accepting feeble compromises on issues of principle.  The HHS mandate is bad law; and not merely bad, but dangerous and insulting.  It needs to be withdrawn — now.

Remember to pray for our bishops, priests and religious.  And do something about it!  Call your political representative and voice your opinion.  For as Dr. Peter Kreet recently wrote using a quote of Edmund Burke, “If you love your children or your country, you must take sides in the war.  Neutrality is not an option in wartime.  For ‘the only thing that is needed for the triumph of evil is that the good do nothing’ (Burke).”

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