A Man’s Word: In Business and Personal

Herself has asked me to re-engage with the blog here, as it might keep me from kicking the dirt and fussing about the local, national, and international umbrella of unfairness that seems to be infecting our culture.  To those readers and passers-by who peruse these pages occasionally in the interest of finding something direct, honest, and pragmatic – I thank you for your interest.

The fact is that Cowboy Papist has been quite busy generating family income which unfortunately has come to a sudden halt about a month ago.  Being out of work from the summer of 2010 to 2011 had given Cowboy Papist a different view of life – staring in the face of poverty can shake you up!  But God be praised, we landed some consulting work through the late summer to winter when a close professional friend recruited us to join a new startup.  After 75 days of learning their business and sales model, their products and services, and efforts to build a pipeline of business for them . . . they ran out of money and let this here cowboy go.

Head on down the road, they said – thank you for your service.  Nope, no severance pay, no emergency funds to help you get through the next month or two.  Nothing – only a befuddled friend who is so embarrassed that he has stopped calling for a while.  This is what happens when people go into business with the best of intentions and simply start enjoying the perks of spending their money and forget that they’ve given their word to do whatever it takes to make a start-up be successful.

Which brings us to the point of this brief post, (I will honestly make a stronger effort to be more consistent with my writing – many Catholic issues are explicitly all around us with a need for direct, honest and pragmatic observation), . . . ahem, where were we?  Oh, yes, which brings us to the point of this brief post . . .

Cowboy Papist has danced in the corporate offices for many years, donning our Justin boots and Wrangler jeans on the weekends while working in  a suit and tie monkey suit during the week making many persons and companies many millions of dollars.  Large corporations are focused on the revenue benefits for shareholders, senior executives, and shareholders.

Working with startups, which is much more fun, requires significant faith in the executive team, the folks providing the funding, and the willingness of everyone to do their jobs to the best of their abilities so the clients are successful.  Successful clients make for happy startups.  But when the executives are just pretending to be conscientious decision makers and are really just playing with their money, incompetent leadership and bad business decisions are the result.  People lose their jobs, then their homes and cars, marriages suffer, all amidst the siren call of our culture to hide in the dark with drugs and alcohol.

All because people cannot do what they say they will do; simply cannot be honest with those around them.  It’s been an issue in business for centuries and the source of many dramatic novels and films.

C’mon people – don’t say one thing and do another, especially when it will hurt someone.  Just don’t do it.  We’re all generally good people who care to some extent about our neighbors, (though we all need to improve here), so when you say you’re going to do something and others are depending on you to follow through, take care of your business and do the right thing.

Maybe you’ll feel better about what is going on around you, your family will admire you and follow your example, and we’ll all pay it forward and get along a bit better than we have over the last 4-5 years.  Or at least we can get more positive activity into our economies and slow the rising price of gas!

Yes, Cowboy Papist will figure out a way to keep Eddy in oats and hay, and get to a couple of team ropings this summer while figuring out how to pay the rent and keep diesel in the tank.  While we struggle to trust in God, the saints and martyrs teach us to embrace our cross for the great glory of Jesus Christ.  It’s a struggle, and it isn’t easy; but it’s what we’re call to do for Him, our friends, and our family.

And may our Lord bless little wee Teagen; she sure does make her Grandma happy!



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