I am a husband of 30+ years and proud father of two sons and a daughter in law, living in northern Colorado; my wife is an oral surgical nurse, having to retire early due to a debilitating disease that has slowly taken away use of her hands and strength. For many years I wanted to be a PRCA World’s Champion Rodeo cowboy, but couldn’t ride bulls well enough to even feed and cloth myself; however, lessons learned about people, life and love have been embedded for some time, (and yes, I have been injured – far more than is really interesting!). Today I play at team roping; have a great horse and really confuse him with my confusion.

I have sold complex software since ‘retiring’ from rodeo in high-tech and higher education sectors and have worked hard to maintain my integrity and reputation with both clients and peers despite my profession’s poor record. We have had numerous small businesses, the latest that leveraged our Irish heritage, (an Irish gift shop), of which we were very proud though we lost almost everything. Hence, my interest in history, playing Irish tunes on my mandolin, and international travel. I am the big brother of a PGA Teaching Pro, a high school Chemistry / Physics Teacher, and an FAA inspector; all who make me very proud to be their relation though I’m not sure the sentiment is reciprocal!

As the name of this blog indicates, I’m also Roman Catholic, and unashamed so, (my wife and I converted in 1985), a proud 3rd degree member of the Knights of Columbus, and a member of the Archdiocese of Denver — for better and worse.


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