Catholic Approach to Politics

Politics!  It’s like a leech that won’t let go – it’s a part of us and our everyday life.  It’s how we deal with it that makes it stressful or background noise.

As a registered independent, herself and Cowboy Papist tend to lean conservatively on most issues, especially the social questions.  As Catholics, we’re unabashedly pro-life/anti-abortion.  Frankly, even if we weren’t Catholic, we’d still be very pro-life.  We certainly don’t much cotton to the idea of a seamless garment.  This argument does nothing but cause confusion; which is the intent.

Cowboy Papist follows a bit of the politics across the pond also, and if we were Brits, (not a chance in hell!), we’d be Brexiteers.  Damn well wouldn’t want some unelected nitwit in Brussels telling us what was right and wrong.  For crying out loud, most European countries don’t even pay for their own defense!

Saw an interesting video today of a British MP, by the name of Jacob Rees-Mogg, who, as a Catholic, isn’t afraid of explaining why he votes as Catholic in Parliament, as K.V. Turley explains in Crisis Magazine, “refreshingly, without apology or equivocation.”

A couple of pinheads were trying to pin him down on why he didn’t express ‘opposition’ to secular beliefs because gay marriage and abortion are legal, supported by a majority of the population, therefore, it’s an acceptable belief.  (Which is a bogus premise; slavery was once legal too!).

However, MP Reed-Mogg makes an excellent point; there is a difference between stating opposition to a legal British precedent (judging others) versus believing and supporting the Church sacraments.

His calm demeanor clearly doesn’t sit well with the presenters who were pining for verbal fisticuffs.  This is a good lesson for us all on how to deal with the majority of our friends and family who don’t agree with our Catholic stance on secular questions of the day.