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The Issue is Religion Freedom

Well it’s obvious that the major media outlets are attempting to change reality to one that better suits their ideology; according to the media, it’s all about birth control and not freedom of religion.  Here’s just a couple of examples: … Continue reading

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Late Again!!

So, here it is February, and this here Cowboy Papist ain’t wrote much again! What’s the deal! Fact is, December was crazy with job interviewing that encompassed cross-country travel,  new granddaughter showing up a bit later than her due date, … Continue reading

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Winning the Culture War

Tom Crowe over at has a great post discussing Dr. Peter Kreeft and his advice on how to ‘How to Win the Culture War: A Christian Battle Plan for a Culture in Crisis.  This is a common subject from … Continue reading

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Outlaw Race / Gender Based Abortions: For Now

Hat Tip to Trent Franks, (AZ-R), from The Daily Caller from earlier this week: Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks once again is pushing to outlaw abortions that are due to an unborn child’s race or sex, with legislation that would punish medical … Continue reading

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Intolerant Secularism: Abuse of ‘Non-Discrimination’

From Rome Reports comes a great quote from Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, currently serving as the Vatican Secretary of State when he dropped something of a hammer on Europe’s economic issues, caused by the presence of “intolerant secularism.”  Secularists in Europe “often abuse the principle of non-discrimination … Continue reading

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WYD 2011: Tomorrow’s Catholics Today!

What a great event to see, what wonderful hope for our Faith!  For more great World Youth Day videos from Spain, visit here! May God Bless his Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI.

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Why Catholic? Here’s a Start!

Thanks to Teresa Rita for her lovely post over at “Zeal for Your House Consumes Me: Why Be Catholic?” by Fr. Richard Tomasek S.J. There, she’ grieves over the very recent passing of Fr. Richard, (may he be received by … Continue reading

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