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Abby Johnson Exposes the Truth: Planned Parenthood Lies Again

From, we learn this Holy Saturday that former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic director Abby Johnson has released a new ad  that takes on Planned Parenthood regarding the much-disputed 3% figure Planned Parenthood uses to minimize the extensive nature of … Continue reading

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Good Friday: A Reminder of Christ’s Terrible Suffering

Below you’ll find an informative video from Rome Reports that highlights the beloved Shroud of Turin adding some details on the suffering experienced by the figure on the Shroud.  This wonderful mystery is largely considered by the Church to be … Continue reading

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“Gay Marriage” is an Unjustified Illusion

Dr. Anthony Esolen is one of Cowboy Papist favorite writers, since we read his translation of Dante‘s The Divine Comedy.  Dr. Esolen has written a wonderfully coherent essay at The Public Discourse on the logical fallibility of the sexual revolution … Continue reading

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