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Pelosi: Anti-Catholic Polical Hack

After quoting Madam Pelosi in the Washington Post, Donald McClarey of the American Catholic blog comments in ‘Lying Worthless Political Hack Hates Catholic Conscience;’ “Of course it is little surprise that the adamantly pro-abort Nancy Pelosi has little but ill-concealed contempt for the teaching … Continue reading

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Why Catholic? Here’s a Start!

Thanks to Teresa Rita for her lovely post over at “Zeal for Your House Consumes Me: Why Be Catholic?” by Fr. Richard Tomasek S.J. There, she’ grieves over the very recent passing of Fr. Richard, (may he be received by … Continue reading

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Catholic Faith & Judging Clergy

Dr. William Oddie of the Catholic Herald in the UK, in response to a National Review article by George Weigel on the current clerical woes in Ireland responded today with a remarkably effective statement that we American Catholics need to … Continue reading

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Scandalous Queering of Our Church

Following up on a post by Deacon Nick over at Protect the Pope (hat tip!), is this quote from Sandro Magister article titled, “The Inconvenient Memoirs of Cardinal Biffi” about the affairs of homosexuality in our world today. The disgusting … Continue reading

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Mixed Emotions: Chaput moving to Philly

It is with mixed emotions and a bit of a heavy heart that our bishop is being re-assigned to Philadelphia.  His Excellency Charles Chaput has been our bishop now for 14 years, and we’ve had the good fortune to meet … Continue reading

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Universal Prayer: Oratio Universalis

Having first heard Ecclesiastical Latin during an Italian pilgrimage some years ago, it’s become a pleasure to learn prayers in the official language of the Church.  This wonderful prayer, with its Latin, is one of our favorites, bringing comfort to … Continue reading

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Why I am a Catholic: Chesterton for Today

As a convert to the Faith since 1985, Cowboy Papist is asked on occasion what compelled our decision to convert.  I found these G.K. Chesterton excerpts  from his “Why I am a Catholic” essay to be rather fitting to the … Continue reading

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