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A Man’s Word: In Business and Personal

Herself has asked me to re-engage with the blog here, as it might keep me from kicking the dirt and fussing about the local, national, and international umbrella of unfairness that seems to be infecting our culture.  To those readers … Continue reading

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Black Friday: Never Again

From Fr. Longenecker at Standing on My Head: “Has anybody else glimpsed the irony? Black Friday everybody gets up early and goes to pay homage to the great American idol– Mammon.  Yet we call it ‘Black Friday’.  Do we call … Continue reading

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Why I am a Catholic: Chesterton for Today

As a convert to the Faith since 1985, Cowboy Papist is asked on occasion what compelled our decision to convert.  I found these G.K. Chesterton excerpts  from his “Why I am a Catholic” essay to be rather fitting to the … Continue reading

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Faux Choice: Abortion

Cultural Catholic thinker and writer Kathryn Jean Lopez has an excellent article up at National Review Online titled “Ground Zero for Human Rights” about the American abortion debate centered in NYC, or Ground Zero.  Some excellent excerpts: “Abortion, of course, is … Continue reading

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Barack’s DOMA Backfire: ‘Gay Marriage’ Future

Great article about the dumping of the Defense of Marriage Act by the White House over at National Catholic Register by Maggie Gallagher, “President Obama’s DOMA Outrage Will Backfire.”  Ms. Gallagher is the president of the Institute for Marriage and … Continue reading

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Colorado Rockies: We’re Gonna Win!

Came across this excellent piece of baseball information on our Colorado Rockies today from Jim Armstrong of the Denver Post: “Todd Helton isn’t talking much down here. That’s a good thing. You have to know how Helton is wired. He’s … Continue reading

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Christianity: Unique and True

In his article on “The Uniqueness of Christianity,” Dr. Peter Kreeft writes a wonderfully clear and concise article that articulates responses to our cultures most popular objections to Christianity as taught and practiced by the Catholic Church, and the world’s … Continue reading

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