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Religious Freedom: Nothing More – Nothing Less

As many have noted already, this HHS mandate is nothing more than the Obama administration believing they represent the truth and the Church must conform to its “accommodation.”.  Our former bishop here in Denver, Archbishop Charles Chaput OFM Cap., summed … Continue reading

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The Issue is Religion Freedom

Well it’s obvious that the major media outlets are attempting to change reality to one that better suits their ideology; according to the media, it’s all about birth control and not freedom of religion.  Here’s just a couple of examples: … Continue reading

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Late Again!!

So, here it is February, and this here Cowboy Papist ain’t wrote much again! What’s the deal! Fact is, December was crazy with job interviewing that encompassed cross-country travel,  new granddaughter showing up a bit later than her due date, … Continue reading

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Outlaw Race / Gender Based Abortions: For Now

Hat Tip to Trent Franks, (AZ-R), from The Daily Caller from earlier this week: Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks once again is pushing to outlaw abortions that are due to an unborn child’s race or sex, with legislation that would punish medical … Continue reading

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Pelosi: Anti-Catholic Polical Hack

After quoting Madam Pelosi in the Washington Post, Donald McClarey of the American Catholic blog comments in ‘Lying Worthless Political Hack Hates Catholic Conscience;’ “Of course it is little surprise that the adamantly pro-abort Nancy Pelosi has little but ill-concealed contempt for the teaching … Continue reading

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Liberalism: “Nonsense on Stilts”

Cowboy Papist and Herself are living  with our oldest son and his lovely bride for several months.  We are expecting our first granddaughter during Advent, (yea!!).  While the conditions of our move into the home of our children were out … Continue reading

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Birth Control: On My Dime

For the love of pete, really? Insurers must cover birth control with no copays (Thanks but no thanks to OSV Daily Take Blog ) “(AP) Health insurance plans must cover birth control as preventive care for women, with no copays, … Continue reading

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