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Pelosi: Anti-Catholic Polical Hack

After quoting Madam Pelosi in the Washington Post, Donald McClarey of the American Catholic blog comments in ‘Lying Worthless Political Hack Hates Catholic Conscience;’ “Of course it is little surprise that the adamantly pro-abort Nancy Pelosi has little but ill-concealed contempt for the teaching … Continue reading

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Catholic Faith & Judging Clergy

Dr. William Oddie of the Catholic Herald in the UK, in response to a National Review article by George Weigel on the current clerical woes in Ireland responded today with a remarkably effective statement that we American Catholics need to … Continue reading

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Anti-Catholic Bitchery

To my occasional passing reader, please accept our apologies for not writing for about a month as we’ve moved to the Denver area due to the sale of our rental home.  We’ve bunked temporarily with Cowboy Papist #1 Son and … Continue reading

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Wickedness in the Church: An Answer

From McNamara’s Blog we have this lovely response to a question that has long plagued Catholics and non-Catholics, “Will you not admit that many of the leaders of your Church— her Popes, Bishops and priests— have been wicked men? How … Continue reading

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