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A Man’s Word: In Business and Personal

Herself has asked me to re-engage with the blog here, as it might keep me from kicking the dirt and fussing about the local, national, and international umbrella of unfairness that seems to be infecting our culture.  To those readers … Continue reading

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The Issue is Religion Freedom

Well it’s obvious that the major media outlets are attempting to change reality to one that better suits their ideology; according to the media, it’s all about birth control and not freedom of religion.  Here’s just a couple of examples: … Continue reading

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Truth: Not by a Democratic Vote

Just came across this excellent and honest video of the ever direct Fr. John Corapi from the lovely Lisa Graas.  This excerpt should be mandatory viewing to all priests.  For the life and love of St. Peter, Cowboy Papist cannot … Continue reading

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Mary Help of Christians: Hear our Prayers?

Most Holy Virgin Mary, Help of Christian, how sweet it is to come to your feet imploring your perpetual help.  If earthly mothers cease not to remember their children, how can you, the most loving of all mothers forget me? … Continue reading

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Contempt for Satan

John Smirak has an excellent essay on the movie, “The Rite,” with Anthony Hopkins titled, “Satan: A Tapeworm.  He raises several poignant and humorous points about our Catholic faith that Cowboy Papist can heartily endorse.  Here’s a couple of great … Continue reading

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Can Unbelievers Explain the Obvious?

None of Cowboy Papist’s family is Catholic; we converted over 25 years ago.  In traversing on our spiritual journey, we encountered on numerous occasions the mystery of miracles.  For those who question our Faith in the belief that their secular … Continue reading

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