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The Passion: Personally

Every Good Friday for the last six years, Herself sits with Cowboy Papist and we watch the Mel Gibson movie, Passion of the Christ.  It’s now a bit of a tradition for us; for this film reflects in a deep … Continue reading

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Good Friday: A Reminder of Christ’s Terrible Suffering

Below you’ll find an informative video from Rome Reports that highlights the beloved Shroud of Turin adding some details on the suffering experienced by the figure on the Shroud.  This wonderful mystery is largely considered by the Church to be … Continue reading

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Indifference to God brings Indifference to Evil: Pope Benedict XVI

From Catholic News Agency (CNA) we learn from today’s Wednesday Audience in St. Peter’s Square, his Holiness’ teaching on the apostles sleeping in the Garden: “On the eve of Holy Thursday, the Pope dwelt upon Christ’s agony in the Garden of … Continue reading

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Our Occupation: Not All There Is

Great quote today from The Integrated Catholic Life by Francisco Fernández Carvajal, who is a priest in the Opus Dei Prelature and author of several books.  He is best known for his seven volume work Hablar con Dios (In Conversation … Continue reading

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Kreeft: The Divinity of Christ

The folks over at The Integrated Catholic Life posted an excellent excerpt from Dr. Peter Kreeft book “Fundamentals of the Faith” with respect to The Divinity of Christ; this is what Cowboy Papist loves about the logic and reasoning in … Continue reading

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Suffering: Growth & Acceptance

Recently the Anchoress posted an essay titled, “Suffering; the Great Leveler” that is near and dear to Cowboy Papist at present.  In sharing the truth that all in life suffer, Ms. Scalia links to a previous post of hers commenting … Continue reading

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