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Catholic Faith & Judging Clergy

Dr. William Oddie of the Catholic Herald in the UK, in response to a National Review article by George Weigel on the current clerical woes in Ireland responded today with a remarkably effective statement that we American Catholics need to … Continue reading

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Irish Apostolic Visitation: Cowboy Hat Tip!

Thanks to Splintered Sunrise for his in-depth post, “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball” that reviews the history and ramifications of the ongoing Irish Apostolic Visitation.  Some of my favorite comments: “(Archbishop Timothy) Dolan’s presence … Continue reading

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Pride: the Root Cause of Moral Decay

Pride has been in our Catholic news lately, to the point that it becomes too obvious to ignore.  Abortion, dissent, and disobedience are the news of this week within the Catholic blogosphere. Cowboy Papist sees pride as the most capital … Continue reading

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