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Contempt for Satan

John Smirak has an excellent essay on the movie, “The Rite,” with Anthony Hopkins titled, “Satan: A Tapeworm.  He raises several poignant and humorous points about our Catholic faith that Cowboy Papist can heartily endorse.  Here’s a couple of great … Continue reading

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Courage Secularized: Change Comes with Awareness and Christ

This article over at InsideCatholic.com titled, “False Courage and True Courage by Mark Shea offers several interesting themes related to the conflict between political ideology and the Catholic Church, and how it’s understood today. Mr. Shea shows four examples of … Continue reading

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MLK Quote:

I really like this un-famous quote by Martin Luther King, from his “Letter from Birmingham Jail” written on April 16, 1963.  he was writing to fellow clergymen to explain why he was there.  One of the points he discusses relates … Continue reading

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