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Anti-Catholic Bitchery

To my occasional passing reader, please accept our apologies for not writing for about a month as we’ve moved to the Denver area due to the sale of our rental home.  We’ve bunked temporarily with Cowboy Papist #1 Son and … Continue reading

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Hell: A Case for the Unknown

Ross Douthat has an interesting editorial at the New York Times, that “newspaper” read in the eastern US that proposes to be committed to quality news, information and entertainment in the U.S. and around the world, but in truth is … Continue reading

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Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood: Election 2012

From the intelligent, brave and lovely Ayaan Hirsi Ali, we learn today the inside story of the Muslim Brotherhood and their intentions in Egypt, “Get Ready for the Muslim Brotherhood” from the op-ed page of the New York Times.  Ms. … Continue reading

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Killing Christians: The Planned Parenthood ‘Colosseum’

Finally one of the major media outlets has given some attention to the spate of Christian killings in an article titled,  “Critics Slam U.S. Government, Media for ‘Weak’ Response to Anti-Christian Attacks:” A shooting in Egypt last month that killed … Continue reading

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Do Credentials Matter More than Ability?

The Anchoress offers an interesting viewpoint on the status of an ‘Uncredentialed Wonder,’ Pete Hamill, who  “finally received an honorary graduate’s diploma from Regis High School, a Jesuit-run prep school from which he dropped out 59 years earlier.” Seems Mr. … Continue reading

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