Cowboy Papist Returns!

cropped-p10303493.jpgYep, seven years ago this blog was started as a means to vocalize the concerns of the Cowboy Papist in the Catholic Church and the secularized western democracies.  We also shared great ideals related to the western lifestyle epitomized in Hollywood’s western movies, at least the ones with John Wayne!

Sadly, the fact is that Cowboy Papist figures the internet numerous social media platforms are filled with those who like nothing more than to bitch and moan — along with too many who are just rude and crude; folks that only add to the noise without offering anything resembling solutions.  You know who you are!

So, given that our world continues to be going to hell in a handbasket, the Cowboy Papist blog is now renewed and re-started in order to continue our observations of the ever expanding ecclesiastical and secular problems that really matter and recommending objectives and common-sense solutions.  Now, . . . how’s that for a mission statement?!

What been happening?

We’re pleased to report that our only granddaughter is now six years old, and remains perfect in every way!  She is in excellent health and appears to be growing up to be a fine young women, resembling her lovely mother and brilliant grandmother in every way!

Cowboy Papist Son number one is in the fire services, serving as a lieutenant officer with a very large metropolitan fire department along the Front Range of Colorado.  He also keeps very busy teaching with various outfits, as well as a local community college.  Son number two graduated college with a BA Cinema degree, married his college sweetheart a few years ago and now lives in ChiTown doing various types of film work.  It keeps him quite busy, but pays poorly.  Unfortunately his experience isn’t uncommon.  While the economy is doing well in some markets, its doesn’t seem healthy in others — yes, more on this issue later!

Herself keeps busy with keeping the Cowboy Papist fat and happy, getting her garden started up, and too numerous house projects.


Thanks in advance for keeping up with the Cowboy Papist – we’re grateful for any comments, and hope to keep up with today’s political, social, and religious sagas!