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New Mass Translation: More Exact

Great explanation for the coming updates to the Mass done in simple and direct language even us old guys can understand.  Rather appropriate timing, given the currently dynamic World Youth Day in Madrid.  Look at these faces; here’s the future … Continue reading

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Mixed Emotions: Chaput moving to Philly

It is with mixed emotions and a bit of a heavy heart that our bishop is being re-assigned to Philadelphia.  His Excellency Charles Chaput has been our bishop now for 14 years, and we’ve had the good fortune to meet … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict “Truth”: Yea, Baby!

From a favorite Catholic publication, National Catholic Register, comes this intriguing article on our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, addressing Rome’s priest.  In short, he’s telling them to man up; that “Christians . . . can be confident that ‘truth … Continue reading

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Dictatorship of Relativism

One of my favorite quotes from the Holy Father: “We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as definitive and has as its highest value one’s own ego and one’s own desires. The church needs … Continue reading

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Reverence at Mass

As many Catholics are aware in some capacity, there has been a serious change in the liturgy since Vatican II, and since the election of Pope John Paul II and continuing with Pope Benedict XVI, the ‘reform of the reform’ … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI blessing sick children at Gemelli Hospital

Sorry, I don’t care what your religion, race, creed, or color, you gotta love this video of the Pope blessing children at Agostino Gemelli Hospital, near Vatican City, where he visited the department for children afflicted with spina bifida. Having … Continue reading

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