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‘Gay Marriage’ Elitists: Must Silence Majority

Carl Olson of Ignatius Insight refers to this excellent article written by Frank Furedi from the Spiked website out of the UK, as ‘a solid and rather chilling analysis.”  Mr. Furedi is the author of On Tolerance: A Defence of … Continue reading

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Does “Gay Marriage” Matter: Of Course It Does!

In follow up to the Cowboy Papist post, “The Faux Civil Rights of ‘Gay Marriage“, we read this evening at CatholicVote.org an article by Brad Birzer where he makes an agreeable statement about Catholic teaching on marriage: “From the perspective of Catholic … Continue reading

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The Faux Civil Rights of ‘Gay Marriage”

Take a moment to read this great article over at National Review by the excellent Catholic writer, George Weigel on ‘gay marriage‘.  In follow-up to New York’s recognition of homosexual union, Mr. Weigel addresses the successful strategy and tactics used … Continue reading

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Same-Sex Marriage Bill: Dead in Maryland

From The Washington Post – Maryland House kills same-sex marriage bill for this year: Maryland House kills same-sex marriage bill for this year By John Wagner The Maryland House of Delegates has voted to effectively kill for this year a … Continue reading

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